Health & Safety at 538 Great King

Health and Safety Policy

We aim to provide and maintain a safe, secure and healthy environment for our guests and staff at 538 Great King. We take practical steps to eliminate, isolate or minimise exposure of our guests and staff to identified hazards.

Evacuation procedures, fire extinguishers and alarm systems are compliant with relevant legislation and regulations, and are tested regularly. Evacuation procedures are displayed prominently in the motel suites.

The motel is smoke free. 

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COVID-19 Response

538 Great King Motel is open at all covid alert levels and settings. We operate on the assumption that travelers booking accommodation do so for a legitimate purpose under any applicable restrictions. 

We are absolutely committed to providing a safe environment for staff and guests. Here, we outline steps we take to mitigate health and safety risks associated with the covid-19 pandemic. We have adapted procedures for check-in, check-out and room servicing to support social distancing requirements and to minimise face-to-face interaction between staff and guests.

Our management and staff will wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) appropriate to the situation and within Ministry of Health guidelines.

Room Cleaning and Sanitisation

Prior to the covid pandemic, we already had a reputation for a very high standard of cleanliness. We proudly maintain those standards, and we continually review our cleaning procedures to ensure that we are at all times compliant with current Ministry of Health and industry guidelines in relation to mitigating the risk of virus transmission. 

Daily staff briefings ensure that cleaning/housekeeping staff are working to the latest guidelines. 

Guests can be assured that our rooms have been fastidiously cleaned and prepared to mitigate the risk of virus transmission.

Room Servicing

We aim to keep interaction between staff and guests within confined spaces to an absolute minimum. When operating under covid-related restrictions, staff will not enter occupied rooms unless it is necessary and guests will be advised of procedures for linen replacement and rubbish removal during their stay. 

Where restriction settings permit, we service rooms as normal. If any guest is present in a room during servicing, staff will maintain physical distancing of 2 metres. In the case of Compact Studios where 2-metre distancing is not feasible, staff will arrange a suitable time with guests to service the room while guests are not present.

Pre-check-in / Check-in and Payment

Pre-check-in: We will endeavor to contact each guest up to a week prior to their check-in date (depending on the booking lead-time) to advise the check-in procedure and identify any particular needs of the guest. We are always available to answer any questions. 

Check-in: We have a spacious reception which allows for social distancing. Face to face interaction will be kept to a minimum as we complete guest registration and handing over of room keys. Hand sanitiser is always available in reception.  

Payment: Due on or before check-in (as per our usual policy). We are happy to take payment remotely on or before the check-in date. This can be either by credit card or by bank transfer. We will issue an invoice with payment details included. 

Where payment is made at reception, we will adhere to social distancing requirements and follow guidelines to mitigate the risk of covid-19 transmission. 


Breakfast pre-ordered from Oaken Cafe can be delivered to guest rooms in a non-contact mode. 


The health and safety of our guests and staff is paramount. Anyone acting in way that we consider may compromise the health and safety of others will be asked to modify their behaviour or to leave the property. Our guests and staff come first - always!

As always, we reserve the right to obtain identification details of any person wishing to remain on the property. 

Contactless Check-out Procedure

On the morning of check-out, guests are requested to:

  • Open drapes
  • Leave the room key on the table in the room
  • Close the door when leaving 

Please also feel welcome to call into reception. We'd love to catch up for a chat about your stay. 

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